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Bully & Buglady vs. KnifeFighter & BigB vs. Dread Pirate Roberts & Lord Doome
Masterful strategy, underhanded conniving, subtle trickery, and of course glorious battle are all parts of the game. This game was filled with tricks, traps, and diplomatic shenanigans, and when the game is filled by six old-timers all of these tricks have to be used in order to win the game.

pat vs. Freezer vs. Gooseberry
This game shows never to give up, no matter how bad the situation looks. Gambling on longshots does sometimes pay off. It also illustrates how deadly overconfidence can be.

pat vs. Freezer
Chain layouts can be the hardest type of game to win, especially if your opponent has a cluster layout. This map shows one of the two ways you can overcome a long chain.

Bug Eyed Monsters vs. The Unhappy Plumbers
The most evenly matched grudge match I've played. Stalemate for almost 50 turns before I broke through. In games like this patience and the ability to think several moves ahead are vital. You have to be careful, since little mistake on either side can decide the matter.

Bug Eyed Monsters vs. BugLady
This game pitted horrible position vs. even worse position. Luckily I was the one that only had the horrible position.

Elvis Impersonators vs. SBlaster
An example of overcoming a potentially horrendous mistake. Mistakes can be overcome, but only if you can think quickly and take positive steps to rectify the problem. On the other hand, if your opponent does make a mistake, hit him hard and don't give him time to regroup.

Little Green Men vs. Fighters of Freedom
Sometimes the map is just against you. Don't give up, and look for mistakes to exploit, but don't expect miracles every time. This map is one of the worst I've had — not exactly the worst setup possible, but pretty close. Unfortunately, this is the most typical outcome.

The Masked Avenger vs. The Leopard Clique
A good lesson that position is not always what it seems to be. I had the better position, yet should have lost, and was worried that I would for most of the game because of the map and bad luck in exploration. Only my opponent's lack of aggression allowed me to win this one.

The Light Brigade vs. NeRaK (a.k.a. The Voyager)
I was at one end of my planets, NeRaK at the other. This map offers a good illustration of how important stargates can be in turning such games around quickly, and how they are often the only way of winning.

Ferrets from Hell vs. Mr Happy vs. Oops
A game were Mr. Happy tried to weasel his way to a win but where the forces of nature just weren't going to allow that to happen. Sometimes luck can be your best ally.

The Light Brigade vs. Gate Keeper (a.k.a. SBlaster)
Sometimes a single jump point can be the key to the game. The early recognition of that gate's importance, and the quick action to open or close that gate, can spell the difference between a loss or a win.

Waste & Musashi vs. Hard Core & Sleeth
A good game that is a great example of my rolling stargate strategy. Also shows the importance of coordinated teamwork and the concept of the shield and the hammer.

Wonderland vs. Ah
The Aggie gets caught by a perfect 'neer trick.

Parakeets of Prey & Skai vs. Bird of Prey & Vodzka-Toonak
An ugly map, example of a teamwork 'neer trick.

Wonderland & Land of OZ vs. Pel'Nor & tranix
The 'neer trick is a great offensive tactic, but the consequences can be disastrous when the opposition knows it's coming. Here Pel'Nor tries it and exposes his Home World to my waiting fleet.

Soda Jerks vs. Fighters of Freedom
My revenge for our earlier game. My Home World was the very last planet in a chain, yet I won because I recognized and exploited mistakes and remained aggressive the whole game.

Waste vs. Agt
Excellent example of an early blitz move. Usually results in a nuke on turn 7-9 and very little the opponent can do about it.

La Grande Armee vs. ph8
Tricks of the stargate trade. A classic example of gating an overbuild, which can move in next turn to destroy a fleet, or in this case, come out of nowhere to support an otherwise doomed attempt to nuke the enemy's Home World.