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SC Community

Faces of SC
Ever wonder who those facesless empires you have met were and what the people who play really look like? Well now you can, at least for a brave few. The Faces of SC will show those empires how have sent in their picture. A few other player pictures can be found at Renegade's Faces Page.

Up on my Soapbox
There was once a time that participating in the ongoing Stellar Crissis community meant as much to players as the games themselves. Much to my dismay, this sense of commradeship seems to have greatly diminished while I was out of the game. I'd therefore like to use this page to appeal to players to become more involved once again. There are plenty of opportunites out there. Please, use them.

First and foremost (and by far the easiest) is to simply use the diplomacy screen in the game. Talk to each other for goodness sakes. In my first two game back I've heard from no one, even including tactical coordination. Come on folks, truce-trade-alliance is not what diplomacy is all about. If for no other reason, use it for getting a strategic edge.

SC Yahoo Club
Outside the game, I've been told the Stellar Crisis Club at Yahoo is the place to be. After visiting, it does offer discussion boards, pictures — boo! use Faces of SC :-) — and other features. It seems to have at a core set of regular members and has posts updated on breaking events.

Mailing Lists
The sc-talk mailing list has been around longer than I have, though now seems to be about dead. A shame in my opinion — it offered much the same uses as the Yahoo club except using email rather than web boards. To subscribe, and perhaps reinvigorate this once fine tradition, send an email message to ( for the digest version) with both the subject line and the mail body blank.

IRC once offered an unparalleled, real-time, way of communicating with other players, setting up games, comaring notes, etc. However, after several visits finding no one there, this too seems to have largely died out. To join a chat room simply connect with pirch, mirc, or any other irc application to any (port 6666 or 6667) and then type /join #Stellar_Crisis. This was historically the best way to get to know some of the other players and for new players to pick up information from the grizzled veterans.

Clan Wars & Tournaments
Tounaments, and later clan wars, of one sort of another have existed throughout most of Stellar Crisis's existance. Some last through completion, some become the latest craze, and some die off as soon as they spring up. For the latest information on what's going on at the time see the Yahoo Stellar Crisis Club. For historical completeness, no mention of this can be made without referencing the group that dominated a generation of Stellar Crisis play — Clan Red Triad.

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