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Aggie Land's Stellar Crisis

Stellar Crisis is the web's first complete multi-player strategy game. Players from all over the world compete to build megalithic galactic empires, develop powerful new technologies, and fight pitched battles in far away star systems. It is free, absolutely and positively, as things should be on the net. But beware, the game is extremely addictive...

Stellar Crisis is a space-based war game you play over the web. You play directly through your browser, so there is nothing to download. Just log onto one of the game servers. It has elements of exploration, colonization, diplomacy, and conquest. What makes SC so intriguing is that you play in real time (update times range from 1 minute to daily, depending on the type of game you choose) against live opponents. You have to not only devise a working strategy for expanding your own empire, but also consider what the other players are doing and how that may affect you.

As you play Stellar Crisis more and more, you will become acquainted with most of the other regular players, and you will be identified, whether as friend or foe, based on your empire's actions. I am known publicly as Aggie Land, my first empire that was created years ago on the old Lenox server (SC Version 1.X) Over the years I've played as various empires and personas, though this remains my first and favorite.

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