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The Many Faces of Aggie Land

I started out playing SC using only one empire, Aggie Land. This became boring after the first hundred or so games though, so I branched out and created my second empire, Bully. This still wasn't enough, and by the end I had over a dozen emps on the lysator server before it crashed. Each had its own unique and fun planet and ship names. I could often be identified, even if I bothered to keep my identity hidden, simply by the outrageous names I used.

I didn't create these emps just to run through newbie games and get easy nukes, though, since by this time blitzes had left me bored and I was playing bloods and grudges pretty much exclusively. I rotated between each empire...sometimes playing one for a week and moving on to the other, and sometimes playing one until it lost and them moving on to the others, etc. Each had its own personality, its own set of friends and enemies, etc. After the Lysator crash, though, I've typically only used only 1-2 empires in any given time.

Lysator Empires
emire's icon   Aggie Land
emire's icon   Bully
emire's icon   Bug Eyed Monsters
emire's icon   Dark Horsemen
emire's icon   Pink Panthers
emire's icon   The Boogymen
emire's icon   Purple People Eaters
emire's icon   The Masked Avenger
emire's icon   Little Green Men
emire's icon   Chernybog
emire's icon   Lounge Lizards
emire's icon   Elvis Impersonators
emire's icon   Gremlins
Vivednet Empires
emire's icon   Waste
emire's icon   Ferrets From Hell
Regensburg Empires
emire's icon   The Light Brigade
emire's icon   Soda Jerks
emire's icon   Neato Mosquitos
emire's icon   Wonderland
emire's icon   Parakeets of Prey
emire's icon   La Grande Armee
Iceberg Empires

And then, of course, there was pat emire's icon