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The Red Triad is among the oldest and most distinguished of all the clans. Its existance actually pre-dates the current clan system, being a holdover from Meridian 59. When the idea of clans was proposed it seemed only natural that the Red Triad would once again rise to its position of glory. The membership of Red Triad has changed somewhat since its early days. Only two of the founding members are still part of the current clan, but new recruits were added and the clan was only made stronger.

doome's icon Penguins in Bondage (a.k.a. Lord Doome) - Prez.

knife's icon KnifeFighter - Warlord

aggie's icon The Light Brigade (a.k.a. Aggie Land) - Imperial Guard

fighters' icon Fighters of Freedom - Leader of the Rebellion

skai's icon Skai - Royal Assassin

Hard Core's icon Hard Core - Shock Troops

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