Bug Eyed Monsters Map: Lazy Grudge 1095

Bug Eyed Monsters wins in 71 ups

35 24
63 35
(0) (0)
Muck Puddle
67 50
67 67
(0) (0)
Open Wound
16 26
48 26
(0) (0)
Bleeding Wound
31 94
94 94
(0) (0)
Bleeding Gums
24 21
24 25
(0) (0)
System 19,24
14 56
44 56
(0) (0)
Slime Pool
100 100
100 100
(1) (0)
The Pit
24 23
10 24
(0) (0)
Mud Pile
6 16
16 16
(0) (0)
Mold Patch
22 9
65 80
(0) (0)
Goop Sink
55 27
49 55
(0) (0)
Festering Sore
51 6
48 51
(0) (0)
Ooze Pond
26 12
18 0
(0) (0)
System 19,22
100 100
100 100
(10) (0)
lil' ol' UP

This was probably the best grudge match I've ever been in. We were stalemated for almost 50 turns at the intersection of Goop Sink and what became Mold Patch. I built Goop Sink up to builder status and UP had all of his visible planets builders as well.

We sparred back and forth for what seemed an eternity with neither really gaining an advantage. Neither of us were able to build enough to nuke that first planet on the other side, and we both knew the first nuke would decide it. I was able to explore further than him, and that was one of the keys since I could see what was coming and he couldn't. I explored all the way to his Home World, while he only managed to get to Festering Sore.

UP tried to get higher tech by building satellites, but he built too many. That allowed me to safely keep a small number of ships visible and still have higher tech growth. While he was staying put with his sats, I built 3 BR-1 cloakers and sent them behind his lines. Every time for the rest of the game a key build came up for him I would uncloak and force him to build extra ships in order to cover, thus weakening his build. Then the next turn I'd recloak the ships so they wouldn't be destroyed — and would pull the same stunt as soon as he moved his defenders out.

UP finally explored Festering Sore right after reaching BR-5. He had to pull ships back to stop my cloaker threat though, so I still had quite a few ships left after the battle. He then built up sats to defend again. By this time I was tired of stalemate so built a stargate and then overbuilt attacks and sweeps. He must have though I was just building on the next planet back where he couldn't see, because he built 11 sats. The next turn I my ships gated in and destroyed his fleet. I still had 15 ships left after the battle, so it was no problem to nuke the planet and move on to the others.