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This page powered by coke which as everyone knows is the best tasting cola in the world. I know, I know, some of the same people who were conned into using a mac might also drink Pepsi. While Coke's formula has remained a secret since its conception in 1898, the formula for Pepsi is simple....take a glass of Coke, leave it open on the counter for three days or until all the fizz has gone, and then drink. Go see Cal-Tech's on-line Coke Machine, where you can even imput personal messages to appear on their LED panel sign. And don't forget: Friends don't let friends drink Pepsi Cola.



The first great link is to my own unabashedly marvelous Stellar Crisis Page. Stellar Crisis is the greatest interactive strategy/war game available on the net. It is played over your browser (Netscape only remember) and there is nothing to download. Go try it now--who knows, maybe I'll be in the game and can nuke you. :)
The WWWF Grudge Match features a new match each week. Some zany contest where you the net surfer actually get to vote and determine the outcome. Matches range from construction projects pitting McGyver vs. the A-Team to battles between Gary Coleman vs. Webster to barbeque eating contests between John Madden and William "Refrigerator" Perry. Don't miss the next exciting WWWF Grudge Match.


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