Soda Jerks Systems: Blitz Grudge 1275

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NameLocMinFuelAgPopMax PopOwnerJumps

10,9100100100100Soda Jerks11,9 9,9 10,8

System 10,810,8282980299,8 11,8 10,9
Soda Jerks12

9,91139412Soda Jerks9,8 10,9
Soda Jerks1

11,93019484Soda Jerks11,8 10,9

Gnu9,8100100100100100Gnu8,8 9,9 10,8

System 11,811,83122601210,8 11,9

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The SYSTEMS screen is where you set the maximum population for your planets. This is where you come whenever you want to start a pop-trick.

Note that this screen also lists the ships present in each planet. In small games a quick look on this page can often reveal ships that you overlooked on the map page.