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Erick Beck

1010 Mistywood Cir
Bryan, TX
Tel:  979-845-4681
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Director of Web Development

Division of Marketing & Communications, Texas A&M University
  • Recruited from Computing & Information Services to build a modern web team at the university level, something which had never existed at Texas A&M. This process included hiring and training team members, modernizing the hardware architecture hosting our web services, introducing and adopting recognized best practices, and building out the actual web platforms.
  • Rebuilt the university website, then proceeded prioritize the related projects that would define the central university web presence. This would include static content sites such as the president's website and visitor center as well as complex web applications such as the events calendar and campus news site. (More complete list below...) I recognized importance of mobile before most others and incorporated not only a university mobile site but also a mobile-friendly responsive view on all new projects.
  • The major challenge was instilling into management, site owners, and other stakeholders the idea that simply building stand-alone websites wasn't enough, that we instead needed to create a truly professional organization and implement a strategy of integrating data from across campus into a comprehensive web presence. In doing so the web team had to implement and deploy modern practices from scratch along the way - coding, version control, server virtualization, content management, etc. This proces was complicated by several changes in campus and departmental administrative leadership, forcing us to re-educate decision makers and re-justify our approach in light of changing strategic visions and priorities.
  • After 3 years in the Division I inherited management of overall departmental IT support, including LAN, desltop, and email support. Each of these was in the same state that the web presence originally was, so we implemented a similar process of incorporating modern practices for remote updates, platform standardization, remote monitoring, etc.

Lead Software Application Developer

Computing & Information Services, Texas A&M University
  • Began as entry-level webmaster, but consistently learned new skills and took on new responsibilities. After three years I took over as the team leader for all internal web development for the department and built a solid team that was able to take on any project assigned to us.
  • Entered the department when there was little leadeship or departmental vision in the web arena. Our team built the departmental web presence from a single site to one which eventually included approximately twenty individual sites and applications
  • Balanced the roles of project management, lead programmer, team captain/coach/mentor, and frequent bouts as system administrator.

Research Assistant

Department of Humanities in Medicine, Texas A&M Health Science Center
  • Created and maintained the departmental web site. This marked the first time the department had ever had a web presence. I was given decision-making authority not only over the creation of the site, but content, purpose, and implementation as well.
  • Desktop publishing of scholarly Newsletter. At my suggestion we began publishing it to the web as well as maintaining a printed edition.
  • Provided general computer support for the department
  • Assisted department faculty with design and implementation of research projects
  • Organized quarterly "Medicine and Humanities Consultation" conference series.

Academic Assistant

Athletic Department - Men's Basketball, Texas A&M University
  • Duties included monitoring study hall, tracking team members' academic progress, leading group and individual tutoring sesions, and serving as a mentor for students needing special assistance.
  • Spent extra hours working as a supplemental academic advisor, which allowed me to learn many of the unwritten rules for how a university operates. This gave me a broader background upon which to make decisions in future positions, and the understanding the challenges that exist within the larger environment.
  • This job offered exposure not only to teaching and leading a group, but also gave me access to observe the traits and methods of coaching in a highly competitive environment.


College Station Sister City Program
  • Taught community education class of beginning Russian language, preparing a group of high school students for trip to Russia
  • My previous experience travelling to Russia allowed me to not only fill the role of formal instructor, but to also offer advice and guide the students for what to expect on their own trip. It was a good introduction to leadership being made of up more than just your formal duties.


Texas A&M University

  • Received M.A. in History, August 1993
  • Master's Thesis: Soviet-American Relations in Light of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident
  • Graduated with 3.30 overall GPA

Texas A&M University

  • Received B.A. degrees in physics and Russian language, May 1991
  • Graduated with 3.06 overall GPA

Leadership Training

  • Emerging Supervisors Program
    Texas A&M University,
    Certificate program consisting of eleven classes designed to teach the principles of good management.
  • Leadership Institute
    Texas A&M University,
    Seven day program of instruction in leadership and team building. Leadership Institute is the university's flagship program for supervisor development.
  • Group Leadership Forum
    Texas A&M University,
    Four-day program introducing participants to the complexities of leading project teams and work groups at Texas A&M University. Selected through recommendation/nomination of division vice president.
  • Project Management
    Texas A&M Univesity,
    Four-class program designed to introduce IT staff to project management. Included sections on communication, leadership, risk & quality, as well as a two-day overview of the PMBOK methodology.

International Experience

Moscow Institute of Communications

Computer Skills

Web Development

XHTML, HTML5, CSS2/3, XML, responsive design, microformats, semantic web, Web 2.0 / social media strategies, web analytics, content management

Web Programming

PHP, SQL, Cascade Server CMS, Wordpress platform, version control

Operating Systems

Linux, Microsoft Windows

System Administration

Unix/Linux - LAMP stack, Google Search Appliance

Major Web Sites


Available on request.